Cr8tivar: 1st Africa cr8tivity digital platform making the supposed idiots and dumbs becoming useful, get reached and earn global relevance. Cr8tivar--> an online services and marketplace where people do what they love and finish your daily short term tasks. And not only that, they earn money and gain global relevance while doing what they love.

Why Cr8tivar

Millions of young people across Africa wander within their thought to the extent of imploding. Sounds funny, many actually implode. You can’t implode without exploding. Young people want a social platform that can connect them to various kind of people; administrators, entrepreneurs, managers, co-cr8tivar and dreamers across the world. They want to help one another. Cr8tivar helps you to;




On Cr8tivar, two Cr8tivars with different but complementary skills or creativities can come together to work or share skills, data and money without knowing each other and living two different countries far apart.

Fred from Ghana is an animator but couldn’t market his skills because he struggles to do voice over. While, James from far away Namibia is a perfect match and blend to what Fred wants. He does voice over seamlessly. Cr8tivar connects them together, not just to gist but to complement each other by selling their newly combined skills and make money together. They get customers jobs/tasks done faster and smarter.

Cr8tivar connects and match you seamlessly to global opportunities…

Cr8tivar, your trusted partner in getting tasks anywhere in the world and getting the tasks done anywhere in the world, even on the street